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The Garden Doctors can undertake all levels of tree maintenance. Take the risk and effort out of one of your garden’s more difficult jobs by trusting our arborists or tree surgeons to help.

The type of tree work we can help with is:

  1. Hedge trimming and cutting

  2. Shrub and tree pruning

  3. Tree and stump removal

Hedge trimming and cutting

Hedge Trimming tree maintenance is time consuming and dangerous therefore should be left to the professionals. First we will assess your boundary hedges. Knowing when and how to trim your hedges is a part of our expertise and so we will ensure your hedges stay healthy and under control. Hedge trimming and shaping is best done at specific times. We will ensure wildlife and the health of your hedges are taken in to consideration so you can relax and enjoy your garden.

Shrub and tree pruning

Tree Maintenance and pruning should rarely be attempted on a DIY basis. The dangers and regulations associated with trees mean calling in an experienced arborist is the best option.

Call us for free advice about your tree problems.

The vast variety of trees require specialist knowledge in their maintenance therefore you should always take a professional opinion.

Tree and stump removal

Using the right equipment and specialist knowledge, our team will safely remove unwanted or diseased trees and shrubs. DIY tree or stump removal should never be considered. Call us today for your free quote.

The tools involved in tree removal often require using chain saws at height. Trained tree surgeons and the experience they have mean that your trees will be maintained safely and effective. Mechanical stump removers save hours and a lot of digging but are also one of the most dangerous garden tools unless used in experienced hands.

Tree maintenance services:

  • Tree topping

  • Thinning

  • Tree health checks

  • Pruning

  • Stump and tree removal

We can also provide and plant trees and shrubs. We will offer expert advice on the type and position of your trees to ensure many years of garden enjoyment.

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